Networking, communication, let’s just say it – Talking!

For my first blog, I would like to talk to all of you listening or reading this. One of the best things I remember about the last quarterly meeting of the Operators, was the 51 minutes the Operators were ask to throw out some questions or concerns that were going on in their District. The Operators started throwing out questions to each other and other Operators and FSBIT staff suggested some possibilities or even better, more questions. There were some great questions and even better suggestions on how to handle the situations Operators were discussing.

I think once a quarter is just not enough for this type of interaction. I suggested to many of the Operators that we have a monthly conference call, just an hour or so, and discuss the hot topic(s) you as operators are dealing with that maybe another operator has already dealt with and can offer a way to proceed. At the very least, like what happened at the operator meeting, making all operators aware of an exposure that all Districts will have to deal with one way or another (solar eclipse).

I know you are all busy, and not everyone will be able to attend, but if we find the time and communicate our concerns on a regular basis, we may not have to re-correct the wheel. Someone might already have the fix.

So what we need from all of you is a time and a date that best works for each of your schedules. I know that this will never be an easy process. (I worked with a Board of Directors of FMASH and getting a time that worked for all of them took years to set up!) To help with the process, I think we should start out with a day and time, see how many think it would be an OK time, see if anyone says “I can never call in at that time….”. Hey, we might get lucky and we will hit a time the first time!

My first suggestion is:

The third Tuesday of the month at 2PM. If that works, our first will be February 21, 2017. If it does work, I will set up a “go to meetings” for that day and the rest of the year.

If you have any questions or input, please let me know.

Scott J. Blaser

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January 2017